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LAVICA is driven by a deep passion: to tell a unique story and a point of view that is always distinguishable.



New project or renovation, attention to detail will always be at the center of our operating method. The proposed solutions always start from an initial concept with the support of a set of drawings, 3D views and rendering of the designed environment.

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From the creation of 3d models to the development of mass production, LAVICA deals with the design of original products through production techniques, principles of inclusiveness, ergonomics and innovation, up to the study of naming, logo and visual identity.



It is a service aimed at investors and entrepreneurs. LAVICA has the advantage of offering every implementation aspect. We guide companies on a growth path that accompanies the professional, the startupper, the entrepreneur, until the start of the business.

Giulia Doria Architetto | Lavica Studio | Ristorante Pitamaki | Rendering interno 5

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

The first step will be an arranged meeting with the client where we will show the LAVICA portfolio with our most recent projects. Next, having listened to his needs and requests, we will talk about his lifestyle, tastes, budget, and all possible questions that will help us conceptualize the future project.

The second step is to create a preliminary presentation that shows the client, by means of reference images, the concept thought up by LAVICA and an initial design idea in order to further verify whether the study is in line with the client’s tastes.

Designing and creating graphic materials is part of the third step. LAVICA will therefore translate the project into architectural and/or graphic design taking into account the previous stages. Therefore, we will proceed with the presentation of 2D images showing layout options, a 3D model, and finally renderings showing realistically what the designed space will look like.

This is the final step that sees the customer-approved design translated into the working drawings needed to actually implement what was designed graphically. LAVICA also offers supervision and/or construction management services to ensure that the client achieves the final result in line with the graphically approved design.

Interior Expertise

The luxury interiors that we have designed in various parts of the world distinguish us for the elegance of the made in Italy finishes, the purity of the lines, the dimensions of the materials and the nobility of the materials used. Our team is committed to the search for top quality materials that furnish the interior design of luxury villas.


Turnkey projects ranging from design to execution, offering end-to-end solutions, graphic designs, colors, materials, labor and on-site supervision, up to project delivery with final set-up.


LAVICA, aiming once again at the uniqueness of the final project and through preferential channels, offers an exclusive service: the selection and purchase of unique pieces of furniture, antiques and art, ancient and modern, purchased around the world .

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